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CHAA Sign-ups Saturday, February 1, 2015



Link to e-mail that GR50 sent concerning the ruling on what constitutes a complete game.


###### Field Directions have been POSTED #######




New CHAA Meeting Time:


2nd Sunday of each month at 7:00PM.



GR50 Mandatory Manager Meeting
Wednesday, April 8, 2015

  Avella Community Center

  11 School Ct Rd

  Avella, PA 15312

  Pinto Meeting - 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm

  Mustang Meeting - 7:15 pm - 8:00 pm

  Bronco Meeting - 8:00 pm - 8:45 pm



Regular Season News!


2015 Season Begins TBD



We would like to thank all of our sponsors!


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GR50 News


2015 Schedules are posted!


2015 GR50 Tournament Brackets

2015 GR50 PONY Playoff Bracket

2015 GR50 Bronco Playoff Bracket

2015 GR50 Mustang Playoff Bracket

2015 GR50 Pinto Playoff Bracket

2015 GR50 Mustang Silver Playoff Bracket

2015 GR50 Pinto Silver Playoff Bracket



2015 Schedules

All GR50 Teams Schedule (Individual Teams)

By Field - Every Location

By Date - All 415 of them!

2015 Shetland

2015 Pinto

2015 Mustang

2015 Bronco

2015 PONY

GR50 Manager List- Excel

2015 GR50 By Laws - PDF

2015 GR50 Rules - PDF



CHAA Monthly Meeting Info


Next CHAA Meeting is Sunday, February 10 at 7 PM at the Township Building.



We encourage all parents to attend our monthly meetings, on the third Sunday of every month, as vast improvements to our fields and facilities are in high gear! We need your help in continuing to provide our players the opportunity afforded by other communities to excel.



Baseball Myths...think you know the game of baseball? Check out these common MYTHS!

Baseball Myths




If your game is going to be cancelled, please Call the other MANAGER and then call your umpire for your community:


GR50 Senior Umpire - Mike Marcischak: 412.607.4430


All winning teams please e-mail or call your scores in.






2015 Umpire Fees


  • Pinto - $25 per game (1 ump)

  • Mustang- $35 (1 ump)

  • Bronco - $35 plate ump $30 bases ump, in rare case if done by only 1 ump $50

  • Pony - $40 plate ump $35 bases ump, in rare case if done by only 1 ump $60



Rules and Manager Contacts


Additionally, all Greater Route 50 Youth League Rules have been updated and posted. Please take time to view them by clicking the link provided in the left navigation.


2015 GR50 Managers Contact List- Excel







Standings are updated daily.





Mustang/Bronco managers be sure to download the Pitching Chart that you will need for the upcoming season.


PONY managers be sure to download the Pitch Count Tracking form.




2015 NEWS


Next CHAA Meeting is TBD at 7:00PM

Additional Meeting Dates:






2015 Scores

Click here for all scores

Archived Scores


2015 Standings - Updated Daily

E-Mail Scores in Nightly


2015 Champions
McGuffey East - 1  
CH - 2  
Burgettstown - 1  
McGuffey East - 2  
CH - 2  
Fort Cherry - 1  



A big thank you to all of our team sponsors! Without your continued support we can not provide our kids the opportunity to play ball.


2012 CHAA Team Sponsors

  • Caterpillar ( 4 Teams)

  • Canonsburg Sportsmen’s Assoc

  • Gracey Dental Services

  • Colletti and Associates

  • Jimmy Z’s Pizza

  • Huntington Bank

  • BFFE

  • Rush’s

  • Accu-Trex

  • Coca Cola

  • Washington Area Teachers Federal Credit Union

  • Brookman Metals



If you would like to become a team sponsor for the 2015 season you can print out this form or please send us an e-mail at


Additionally, you can become a sign sponsor for only $200.00 for the first season and receive a discounted rate for each additional season. It's a great way to get your organization optimal name recognition.



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Help us to stay current with the league standings by e-mailing us a score win or lose.





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